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Water Kefir Starter

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Kefir is cool. It’s even cooler when it’s made without dairy. By simply mixing yeasts and bacteria, you get Water Kefir Grains (WKG), a tasty and versatile “grain-like” ingredient that can be used to make delicious probiotic-rich drinks. Water Kefir Grains create a fizzy lacto-fermented beverage from sugar water, fruit juice or coconut water, making this a great alternative to milk kefir.

Unlike other cultured beverages that taste tart or tangy, water kefir stays sweet. After culturing, this probiotic drink can be bottled to create soda-worthy carbonation and effervescence.


How long will it take?

Total fermentation time: 5 – 7 days

Active, hands-on time: 5 – 10 minutes every 1 – 2 days



What will I need to get started?

  • 1 packet dehydrated water kefir grains (in this box)
  • Bottled spring water or any water free of chlorine and fluoride
  • Stainless steel pot
  • Thermometer
  • Glass jar or plastic container
  • Cane sugar (avoid coconut sugar, maple sugar and the like)
  • Coffee filter or tight-weave cloth
  • Rubber band
  • Mesh strainer


How does this work?


First, prepare sugar water:

  1. Heat ½ cup water and pour into a glass jar or plastic container
  2. Dissolve ¼ cup sugar in water
  3. Add 2-1/2 – 3-1/2 cups room-temperature water (Note: total volume should be 3-4 cups of sweetened water.)
  4. Check that the temperature of the water is 68 – 85 degrees F; adjust as needed

Now you can activate your water kefir grains:

  1. Add water kefir grains to jar
  2. Cover jar with coffee filter or cloth, secured by a rubber band
  3. Keep in a warm spot (68 – 85 degrees F) for 24-48 hours
  4. Once culturing is complete, prepare a new batch of sugar water
  5. Strain the kefir grains from finished water kefir and place in new batch of sugar water. Repeat process every 24-48 hours.


What can I make with this?

  • Enrich plain water
  • Bottle to make a soda-like beverage, naturally flavored with fruit or fruit juice
  • Freeze into ice pops and enjoy for dessert
  • Blend into a homemade dressing

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